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Introduction of Digital Assets

Based on multi-signature, offline signature
Security design such as layered architecture
Ensure the safety of user funds

Advanced, meticulous algorithm system
Support a variety of professional trading instructions
Able to process millions of transactions per second

Real-time asset and transaction data
Query verification mechanism
and open to the public, transparent

Transaction is smooth, reliable and safe

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Notice of domain name change regarding BITUAN acquisition by Degital Future Pte Ltd

Dear DF users:

Change of domain name for existing BITUAN users Dear DF users, As BITUAN(币团) has been acquired by Degital Future Pte Ltd in July 2021, BITUAN has been officially renamed to Degital Future (abbreviation: DF). Therefore, the respective domain name has now been changed to To ensure undisrupted service and a smooth transition for our existing BITUAN users, we have migrated all user information and website data to this site (, and users can continue to access this site and the Degital Future APP with their existing BITUAN account. Thank you DF Team